Smart Play – Poster Design


Smart Play is an African-based platform aimed at connecting nurseries with parents. They’ve noticed the education sector in Africa has lacked a serious amount of innovation over the years, so decided to shake things up. They found current educators are still using outdated methods with no improved way of communicating to parents about the one thing they cherish the most, their children. So they decided to create Smart Play, Africa’s first modern childcare management solution.


With Smart Play, early educationist, preschools, day carers, crèches, camps and after-school clubs are able to monitor and record student’s daily activities. Using Smart Play enables educators to manage classrooms, create lesson plans, observe student performance, manage accounting and collect school fees whilst staying in touch with families all from one easy-to-use management platform in real time. The smart play app is packed full of incredible features making it the most unique on the market.


It’s exciting to have a stake in this exciting project and act as the lead designer for the web and print components. This poster design has been used to attract beta testers across Nigeria to help test the app prior to its major launch later in the year.



Marketing Design


March 26, 2019