Palmie – Business Plan


Business plan design for Palmie, an app that lets users scan their shopping produce to determine whether it contains palm oil and if so, whether the palm oil in the product is sustainable. Palmie allows consumers to make an informed choice as to whether they would like to buy products based on its palm oil content and in turn promotes the use of sustainable palm oil in products.


Nearly 50% of all products on supermarket shelves contain palm oil; from pizza and chocolates to deodorant and lipstick – most of which is unsustainably produced. The sale of these products containing unsustainable palm oil significantly contributes to the problems of deforestation and habitat loss.


Deforestation is destroying the habitat of endangered species including Orangutans, Pygmy Elephants and Sumatran rhinos in addition to contributing to climate change.


Print Design


July 17, 2019