JustPark – Brochure Design


JustPark is a parking app design to make parking easy for drivers – whilst helping parking owners and operators manage their assets more effectively. As part of a design task, Rawlings Design was tasked with designing marketing collateral to promote a new car park in the local area. Having been given a very specific brief, including budget and content, here was the result.


When designing the brochure, we wanted to keep in mind the brands clean, modern and bold attributes as outlined in the brand guidelines. To do this we kept the spacing between the elements larger than usual and used thicker, bolder graphical elements.


To help promote the app we included images in the ‘How it works’ section. There is little content which talks about the app so the purpose of doing this is education and promotion.


We aimed to use the shapes of the logo to naturally draw the eye to the key information in the brochure. On spread three, the arrow in the image is aimed to lead the eye to the key benefits and on spread four, the arrow in the logo leads people’s eye to the iPhone screen with the app as this is a key part of the entire process.


The colour palette was kept to a minimum, only using primary and secondary colours, not using the tertiary colors given in the brand guidelines. This was done to keep the design bold and not let colour overpowerover power the design, instead of leaving the images to add additional colour.



Print Design


January 11, 2019