GLH – Poster Concept

Poster concept for the Global Legal Hackathon, an annual event that brings the legal industry together with tech and innovation, world-wide, with one purpose: Rapid development of solutions for improving the legal industry.


A hackathon is a competition where multi-disciplinary teams come together to collaborate, build and launch mobile, web apps or any other innovations aimed at solving a particular problem. They usually work in small groups over a couple of days. People can come individually or as a team, with an existing idea to pitch, or to listen and join one of the teams that will be formed at the start of the event. The goal is to come up with a prototype or proposal at the end of the hackathon to present in front of a panel of judges.


If you would like to learn more about the Global Legal Hackathon, or take part, visit or contact Robert Millard from Cambridge Strategy Group at



Marketing Design


June 6, 2019