Cambridge Strategy Group – Thriving at the Edge of Chaos


Chris Rawlings Design recently had the pleasure of working with Cambridge Strategy Group on their white paper, ‘Thriving at the Edge of Chaos’. In this paper, director Robert Millard discusses how a convergence of new technologies including artificial intelligence, block chain, quantum computing, internet of things, big data and advanced wireless are converging in a fourth industrial revolution that will revolutionise the lawfirm business model making that which is currently adopted by many obsolete. In this project, we worked with Robert on layout, typography, colours and images. This interesting and thought-provoking paper is a must-read for any business that could benefit from leveraging emerging technologies, or those that want to gain greater insight into how their business will need to adapt to accommodate the new technology. The full paper can be downloaded at

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June 22, 2018

Layout Design, Print Design