Whether you are looking to create a successful marketing campaign or want to develop your strategy, we can provide extensive marketing consulting on various forms of marketing to help you to achieve the best return.

Marketing strategy

Your business is unique. We get that. Shouldn’t your marketing strategy be unique, too? You’ll get no cookie-cutter strategy advice here. I will create bespoke plan for your business that fit your unique needs like a glove. In my process, tailored to you, I get to know your business and deeply understand your unique needs and then help develop a deep strategy to effectively market your business.

Website marketing

Making your website is found is a huge challenge, and with a constant increase in the number of websites emerging on Google every day, this is only becoming more difficult. I can help make your website as efficient as possible by improving clarity of the message, navigation and the aesthetics.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of optimizing your website to be found for search terms on Google, Bing and other top search engines. The process of optimisation is a tricky one that requires a combination of clever design, great content and the selection of the right keywords determined by those that are most searched.


I can help your business rank higher on Google by assisting you every step of the journey. I can do this by a combination of these services:


Sitting down with you and properly assessing your business goals and desires in the future (6-12 months is ideal for SEO work);

Performing an initial page-by-page analysis of your website to let you know how your website looks to search engines and where it ranks for your desired keyword searches;

Making suggestions or producing a document of changes for either me or your webmaster to make to your website; and

Producing an analysis report to show you the effectiveness of the campaign including Google Analytics.


To properly SEO a website, design, functionality and well-written content need to come together and work in perfect harmony. I understand how important this is, and aim to deliver the best service we possibly can.

PPC marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is marketing that places adverts on Google, Bing or other search engines which are paid to appear whenever someone keys in specific search terms. Pay-Per-Click marketing is an effective way of advertising to a more targeted audience thanks to Google’s tools which let you specify the parameters of your search, including desired search terms, location, duration and budget.


Pay-Per-Click marketing works slightly differently from other forms of digital marketing but is easy to understand. You create an advert on Google, select keywords or phrases for which you want to be found, decide a daily budget and a cost-per-click budget, and away you go. The differences in PPC marketing make it tricky to master. As in the name, pay-per-click marketing works on a per-click basis meaning you will only pay if someone clicks on your ad. The amount you bid per click determines the position of your advert. Budget a high amount and your ad will appear higher up the list than those who bid a lower amount, meaning that potential customers will see your ad sooner than your competitors’.

Social media marketing

The growth in social media brings with it new opportunities for a business to talk to its customers. However, this form of instant and regular communication, though great for feedback, is often not exploited.


Why? Well, it can be difficult to see the best way of using social media to your advantage. People therefore deem it unimportant so it gets left to one side and forgotten about. Knowing the importance of utilising this new avenue of marketing, I offer a full range of support including constructing effective social media marketing campaigns, generating social media posts that cyclically deliver multiple messages, incorporating social media into your overall marketing plan and analysing results to get a clear understanding of what your customers are telling you on your social media channels.

Email marketing

In today’s world, being heard is almost impossible, and with an increase in the number of emails being sent at an all-time high, you can all too easily be missed, or worse, end up in someone’s spam folder. I can help produce effective email marketing campaigns that tie in with your marketing plan, elicit the desired response from customers, and sell your products. I do this by…


Ascertaining your marketing goals and then deciphering where email marketing fits into this process;

Creating a campaign tailored to the event or service;

Helping you utilise social media to promote online events, offline offers and more;

Collaborating with you to create content that sells your product/service and is written to appeal to the 4 different types of information processing;

Analysing and delivering a report of the results for future improvement.



To be noticed, emails that grab the customer’s attention and deliver great, well-written content with a clear message are essential. I understand the importance of effective email marketing in regularly making contact with your current and prospective customers, so therefore cover a wide range of email aspects including design, content creation with NLP, campaign structures and feedback.

How we can help…

• Marketing strategy
• Marketing campaigns
• Website marketing
• Search engine optimisation
• Pay-per-click marketing
• Social media marketing
• Email marketing

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