Praise for Rawlings Design.

  • "Chris Rawlings Design have been instrumental in helping me establish my business. They helped me develop the brand, create the advertising material and gave me a web presence that has delivered numerous enquiries. I would highly recommend them to anyone"

    Matthew Fish / Owner - Fork and Barrow Garden Services

  • Christopher designed my website for me. It was a an engaging and thought provoking process. Christopher was attentive and thorough. Taking on board my ethos and what I wanted to convey to my customers. I was delighted with the result. It was everything I wanted from a site and Christopher was able to skillfully put my thoughts into a usable product. It was a pleasure to work with him and I am more than happy to recommend his services to others.

    Sara Collins / Director - Breathing Space

  • Chris has provided excellent consultation for us, assisting us in a major SEO project. He was able to quickly identify our strengths and weaknesses, present them in lamen terms that we could understand and provide solutions. He was able to engage with us in developing ideas and we have had a vibrant and productive relationship. I would recommend Christopher as an SEO consultant without hesitation.

    Simon Webb / Director - Velovision

  • Chris is a highly intelligent and skilled individual with the ability to work in both the technical minutiae of digital marketing, whilst also understanding the strategic requirements of business owners. Those skilled combined, make him a valuable asset to any business owner to busy to properly take care of their own marketing...

    Bevis Moynan / Director - Magenta Coaching Solutions

  • I was delightfully impressed with Chris when we worked together recently. Impressed because his professionalism and knowledge was very reassuring. Delighted because spending the time with him discussing my needs and the identity of my business was a really enjoyable process. Great job completed with great integrity.

    Paul Ward / Director - Solace Coaching