Design Process


The right process is essential for creating beautiful designs.
Below is the process we use to bring your visions to life.

Our design process is split into six steps, each of which is explained below.  If you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch and we can speak to you about your business needs, goals and ambitions.

Step 01: Initial meeting


One of the most important steps in the graphic design process is gathering the right information. This is achieved by either a face-to-face meeting, a questionnaire, or a Skype consultation. In gathering this information, we can determine your desired outcome and the best strategy to implement for you. The more information you provide initially, the better the results. Topics for discussion include a summary of the business, an evaluation of your company’s services and/or products, the message you want to convey, the target you want to attract and deadlines.

Step 02: Research


After reviewing the information from the initial meeting, we can begin our research. This step will vary depending on the scale of your project, but will include us developing an intended direction for the project. We will present this intended direction to you for approval before committing to developing ideas.

Step 03: Idea development


With an approved direction for the project, the next step is to create preliminary design concepts. Developing concepts is achieved through various methods, including, mind mapping, story boarding, free writing, sketching and layout creation. Different concepts are created to offer you a range of creative choices so you can choose the most viable solution to promote your business. Through your help, our client, these ideas can then be narrowed down to a couple of choices/options for further development and refinement.

Step 04: Refinement


Having developed initial ideas, filtering the best ones for you, it’s now time to improve on the designs. Gradually, all the pieces start to fall into place and we will incorporate a test audience into the refinement stage to interact with what we’ve created. A fresh set of eyes is always beneficial and will help us spot something we may have missed – there’s nothing worse than a typo going to print!

Step 05: Submission


With your chosen design and feedback, we’ll now choose one final design which we can where we can ‘polish the diamond’. There may still be room for a few tweaks to get things perfect though, and these final revisions that will take your design to the next level.

Step 06: Approval


Once you are happy with the final design, we will produce various file types for the different uses you will have. If this is a logo, we will provide the design in a number of different sizes and formats. If this is a website or UX/UI design (and if the build is part of the package), the construction of the website will begin.