[Article] Fifteen Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Did you know that there are over 200 billion emails sent per day?


I’ll say that again, 200 billion.


Considering the global population is 7.5 billion, that’s 26 for every person on the planet. Chances are your customers just see yours as one of many. So, how do you increase the effectiveness of your email marketing? Here’s fifteen simple tips to improve open rates, maximise click through and increase engagement.


1. Keep the subject lines obvious and to the point

Long, spam filled subject lines will either cause your email to be sent to the trash folder or not opened at all. Keep subject lines short, obvious and free of words that will trigger spam filters.


2. Put multiple clicks throughout the email

In longer emails, one clickable link or call to action at the base of the email might get lost or missed completely. Remember, people reading emails have very limited time so you need to get to the point quickly. Giving people more chances to click through will help increase conversions.


3. Segment your database

Your customers will have different needs and interests so it’s good practice to segment your database accordingly. This will help increase open rates and engagement.


4. Authenticate your domain and email addresses

As spammers get cleverer with the ways they overcome filters to reach mailboxes, a good way to prove emails are legitimate is to authenticate your emails and domains. Doing this can help increase the amount of emails reaching a customer’s inbox (not spam folder) and increase open rates.


5. Split test across different times and days

As with all things marketing, there isn’t a set rule for the best time to send emails for maximum engagement. Yes, there are some suggested times that will work better than others but after that it’s down to you to test, record and modify.


6. Make your emails mobile friendly

With so many people viewing emails on their mobile and tablets device, making you email mobile responsive is essential. Emails that are known to be hard to read will be ignored. Thankfully, most email automation companies come with responsive email templates as standard so you may not have to do too much work with this one.


7. Consider text only emails

Emails with large graphics give the impression of mass marketing which in some cases is okay, even beneficial but sometimes, it can be detrimental. If you want a personal email, then good old plain text can be the best option to increase engagement.


8. Personalise your emails

Dale Carnegie said it best when he said “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” and this is as true today as it was when it was first written. Adding first names will give your emails that personal touch which could increase engagement.


9. Have a clear call to action

Linking with multiple call to actions, making links as clear as you possibly is a simple but effective way to highlight where customers need to click. The benefit of this is improved conversions to sales or website pages.


10. Use video

Research shows video email marketing is on the rise and has a 280 per cent higher rate of return than traditional emails. Insert a video to capture your audience’s attention and motivate them to click.


11. Use forward to a friend

Adding a forward to a friend with custom social media links (below) is another way to help spread your message. This could lead to more people seeing you email and help attract new customers.


12. Resend unopened emails

In an experiment, entrepreneur Neal Taparia found that he could increase his email reach by 54.7 per cent by resending the exact same email to recipients who had not yet opened his original message. While this strategy does not take each email’s open rates into consideration, the results are what matter more. By resending the same email to subscribers who ignored your previous send, you get more people opening your emails without having to create an entirely new message.

13. Track data

Reading data and amending your campaigns based on the feedback will only result in one thing, improvement. Track bounces, opens, click through rates and more for maximum success.


14. Regularly clean up your email list

“Remember to keep your recipient list as clean as possible,” says Victor Amin, a data scientist at SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery platform. “Well-maintained lists consistently have higher engagement rates than older, neglected lists. Make sure you’re removing addresses that haven’t been engaged in a long time and segment your list by engagement.”


15. Use custom social media links

Including social media sharing links in your emails is a great way to let people forward your emails to a large audience. Include links to all your social media mediums for maximum exposure.